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Key to Success

Over the past 5 decades Metals and Plant have carried out a wide variety of complex dismantling projects in all manner of live premises such as heavy industrial and from over live railways. The key to Metals and Plants long success in our plant and other decommissioning services is through exceptional planning and understanding of the task in hand across the board, from managerial personnel down to site operatives, and likewise in all our other services

What Matters

The health & safety of everyone on the site, including your employees and ours, is of the upmost importance. We therefore ensure a full site specific risk assessment is undertaken prior to starting work, which then allows a task specific method statement to be produced using our tried and tested safe methods. Our highly trained site supervisors and specialist engineers will then project manage the works through to its safe and environmentally friendly completion.

Dismantling Techniques

Dismantling services can be split into two categories, Non-destructive dismantling and Dismantling by design.

Dismantling by Design

To remove a structure, plant or piece of equipment without the need to maintain its integrity for reuse. Usually associated to live operational areas within confined spaces and difficult to reach places within a plant or structure. The need to maintain the asset's integrity for reuse is not required, thus allowing alternative methods of dismantling to be utilised; machine operations, mechanical or hot/cold cutting techniques can be utilised to undertake the disinvestment.

Non-Destructive Dismantling

To remove a structure, plant or piece of equipment in such a way that its integrity for reuse is not compromised. The driving force behind this type of dismantling is predominantly the requirement for reuse or resale of the asset. Our ability to plan, tag, label and log, carefully dismantle and package a wide variety of plants, equipment and structures, enables the client to maximise the value of the disinvestment on site.

What We Cover

Some of out past dismantling projects we have completed include the following

Full Building Dismantling
Full Building Dismantling
Bridge Dismantling & Removal
Bridge Dismantling & Removal
Dock Cranes & Gantry Cranes
Dock Cranes & Gantry Cranes
Pit Head Winding Gear
Pit Head Winding Gear
Lift & Lift Shaft Equipment
Lift & Lift Shaft Equipment
Sewage Treatment Works
Sewage Treatment Works
Pumping Stations
Pumping Stations
Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Systems
Tank Farms
Tank Farms
Industrial Furnaces
Industrial Furnaces
Industrial Presses
250/100 Ton Industrial Presses

Whats Included

Here we have a brief breakdown of the individual items which collectively enable Metals and Plant Ltd to offer such a safe high class service.

Site Visit

A Comprehensive and professional site audit will be undertaken to allow all necessary site specific documentation to be produced.

Environmental Assessment

A comprehensive assessment will be undertaken to highlight any potential environmental issues in line with works envisaged to be undertaken.


A detailed task specific COSHH assessment will be undertaken to enable us to highlight any potential asbestos, substances, fumes that might cause a potential hazard.

Contract Lifting Assessment

If lifting operations are required to complete the work safely, a comprehensive survey will be undertaken to then allow a detailed lifting plan to be formulated in line with all current legislation.

Structural Survey / Report

To complete the work safely a structural survey / report may need to be undertaken to highlight any potential structural failings. This then allows all necessary precautions and support systems to be put in place if applicable.

Risk Assessments

A detailed task and site specific risk assessment will be completed to allow the works to be undertaken safely.


A detailed and competitive quotation will be produced with all potential assets from the works being offset to enable the client to receive the lowest possible quote.

Method Statement

A detailed task and site specific method statement will be completed with all current safe working procedures implemented.

Highways Agency

We will deal with all necessary correspondence with relevant government agencies in relation to possible road closures / permits to complete the work safely and legally.


Proof of Metals and Plant's full comprehensive insurance cover will be presented to the client before work commences.

Project Management

The works will be undertaken by highly trained Metals and Plant Ltd personnel who will oversee the contract through to its safe and environmentally friendly completion.

Waste Stream Documentation

All relevant documentation in regards to monitoring the waste streams produced from our site activities will be recorded and presented to the client for their SWMP.

Additional Information

Here are some of our latest projects and recent testimonials.

Grade 2 Listed Parkinson Building

The Iconic Grade 2 Listed Parkinson Building Metals and Plant Ltd was contracted to undertake the extremely sensitive re-configuration of level 3 and 4 at the iconic Grade 2 listed Parkinson building in Leeds city centre...

Robotic Demolition - Soft Furnishing Strip out - Mechanical Strip out - Temporary propping / Structural alterations - Steel fabrication and installation - Various Building works - Asbestos Removal

Vodafone, Atlas and Pacific House

M&P were contracted to undertake the full strip out of 3nr floors at Pacific house for Vodaphone in Manchester, leaving the building a bare shell for future trades. Numerous structural alterations and building works were also required to reconfigure the building in relation to new doorways being formed and removing a large section of structural cast concrete slab at both 1st and 2nd floor level, for a new stair core to be installed by the Principle contractor...

Hand Demolition - Soft Furnishing Strip out - Mechanical Strip out - Structural Alterations - Temporary Propping - Contract crane lifts - Building Works

Derby University Sports Hall

Refurbishment & Substantial Structural Reconfiguration M&P Ltd was contracted to undertake the phased partial demolition, strip out and major structural alterations and structural strengthening, to Derby University sports hall...

Robotic Demolition - Hand Demolition - Soft Furnishing Strip Out - Mechanical Strip Out, - Temporary Propping - Structural Alterations - Steel Fabrication & Installation - Various Building Works - Asbestos Removal

Royal Hallamshire Hospital

M&P Ltd was contracted to undertake the demolition / dismantling of a roof top plant room at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. The hospitals concerns were minimising disruption to the hospital’s occupants in-relation to noise, vibration and dust...

Hand Demolition - Dismantling - Mechanical Strip Out


Silo Dismantling & DecommissioningMetals and Plant Ltd was contracted to dismantle and remove a redundant wood chipping silo / storage vessel which fed a biomass boiler. The feed to remove the wood chippings from inside the silo had ceased to work rendering the silo almost completely full of wood chippings...

Dismantling - Decommissioning

Peglars Main Works

Metals and Plant Ltd was contracted to undertake the demolition, dismantling, decontamination and asbestos removal works over a 16.5-acre live site in Doncaster for Pegler’s Yorkshire. This contract was conducted over a ten-month period and required in excess of 1200 tonne of redundant equipment carefully dismantled and removed form site...

Demolition - Dismantling - Tank Decontamination - Asbestos Removal

Thorpe Marsh Power Station

Metals and Plant Ltd was asked to carry out the demolition, dismantling, asbestos removal, recycling of material and site clearance of a 50,000 ft2 redundant work unit at Thorpe Marsh Power Station Doncaster...

Demolition - Dismantling - Material Recycling - Asbestos Removal - Site Clearance

Firth Rixson Steelworks

Metals and Plant Ltd was contracted to carry out the demolition, dismantling, asbestos removal, recycling of material and site clearance of numerous buildings / units at the former Firth Rixson steelworks in Sheffield, which was over a 2...

Demolition - Dismantling - Material Recycling - Asbestos Removal - Site Clearance

Northern General Hospital

This contract involved the mechanical strip out and soft furnishing strip out of the Vickers ward at the live Northern general Hospital. Great care had to be taken throughout our works as other live services supplying various important pieces of equipment around the hospital were logistically close to works being undertaken by Metals and Plant Ltd...

Mechanical Strip out

Henry Whipple School

Henry Whipple School went through a dramatic transformation with numerous of Metals and Plants specialised services coming into play. The School required a partial demolition with localised areas of the redundant building initially requiring concrete sawing to separate it from the live School and in turn allow a safe demolition...

Demolition - Dismantling - Structural Alterations - Soft Strip out - Mechanical Strip out - Asbestos Removal

City Plaza

This live city centre six storey building was occupied from the first floor to the sixth by numerous organisations including a busy solicitor's office. A brief scope of works was for the ground floor of the building (including the reception area), internal courtyard and rear two storey office block to receive a full soft furnishing strip out, partial mechanical and electrical strip out leaving vital M&E services feeding the tenants, structural alterations forming numerous new doorways and removing countless structural walls (including fitting associated steels) to open up the ground floor...

Demolition - Dismantling - Structural Alterations - Soft Strip out - Mechanical Strip out

Leeds University Lab Testing Facility

Metals and Plant Ltd were commissioned to undertake the full decommissioning and mechanical strip out of the former testing laboratory at Leeds University. This was a complex project requiring particular attention to detail for numerous reasons, the main ones being live services running alongside the redundant equipment to be removed...

Demolition - Dismantling - Structural Alterations - Soft Strip out - Mechanical Strip out - Tank Decommissioning

HSE Testing Facility

Demolition - Dismantling - Structural Alterations - Soft Strip out - Mechanical Strip out - Contract Lift - Tank Decommissioning

Government Social Welfare Centre

Demolition - Dismantling - Structural Alterations - Soft Strip out - Mechanical Strip out - Asbestos Removal

La Senza & Officers Club, Meadowhall

Due to exceptional workmanship, continuing to deliver each project ahead of schedule and most importantly delivering each project incident free. Metals and Plant Ltd was asked to undertake two large contracts collectively at Meadowhall shopping centre...

Soft Strip out - Dismantling - Structural Alterations - Mechanical Strip out

Staircase Removal

Removal of an indoor bespoke three storey steel constructed staircase and associated landings from a cardboard factory in Wakefield. Obvious safety issues were falls from height, fire hazards and respiratory issues due to the potential build up of fumes...


Goldsmiths Meadowhall

Another complex and potentially dangerous contract safely and methodically undertaken by Metals and Plant Ltd. Not only was all work completed as always without incident, but the contract was finished a full week ahead of schedule, much to the delight of the principle contractor...

Soft Strip Out - Structural Alterations - Dismantling - Mechanical Strip Out - Asbestos Removal

Worsley building, Leeds University

Difficult contract working on the 12th floor of the Worsley building at Leeds University. Over two miles of 4, 6 and 8 inch insulated steel pipework at high level was processed and removed. Working around countless hazardous waste ducting, associated live electrical/mechanical services feeding the live 12 storey university building...

Mechanical Strip out - Asbestos Removal

Millhouse Public House

The careful dismantling and partial demolition of a 17th century listed building at the Millhouse public house in Worksop. Over time parts of the listed buildings roof had fallen in, which had left the stone gable ends and remaining roof structure in disrepair and in an unstable condition...

Demolition - Dismantling

Nandos Meadowhall

This extensive contract consisted of the full soft furnishing strip out, mechanical strip out and partial demolition of Nandos Meadowhall. This included the associated mezzanine floor/office area, kitchen, dining area, two large walk in freezers, dumbwaiter lift and extensive 16m x 4m shop front glazing...

Soft Strip Out - Mechanical Strip Out - Demolition - Dismantling

Unit Refurbishment

This contract consisted of the isolation and removal of redundant service, removal of internal mezzanine floor, removal of office/toilet area and removal of a large concrete access ramp. The extensive asbestos cladding on two elevations was then safely and legally removed to reveal the steel framework of the building...

Asbestos Removal - Mechanical Strip Out - Soft Strip out - Tank Removal - Dismantling - Demolition

Lidl Super Store

Recent contract fitting a structural needling system to allow a 20m external load bearing wall to be removed from a live Lidl in Hull. This job was trickier than normal as the internal slab was deemed not able to withstand the loads presented from the roof once the wall was removed, so the needling system was cantilevered from fabricated steels positioned on the foundation ring beam.

Structural Alterations - Demolition

Dockside Super Cranes

Metals and Plant were employed to dismantle then arrange the shipping of 2nr 1000 tonne Dockside container handling cranes from the Port of Tokyo in Japan to Bristol Port. In brief the ship was fitted with bespoke rails along both the port and starboard side and a bespoke folding rail extension support system to the stern...

Dismantling - Transporting - Erecting

Sheffield Steel Works

Metals and Plant were commissioned to undertake the decommissioning, demolition, dismantling and site clearance of the largest Steel works in Yorkshire, Tinsley Park Works, with over 25,000 tonnes of steel scrap being processed then removed from this 360 acre site...

Demolition - Dismantling

Kingston Hospital

Mechanical strip out of a roof level plant room at Kingston hospital, London. The work consisted of removing 2 x large braithwaite water tanks , 2 x small galvanized water tanks with associated pipe work, air handling unit and associated ductwork all with specialized cold cutting methods...

Mechanical Strip Out

Residential Home

Removal of two redundant boilers from a residential home in York with the use of oxygen/propane cutting equipment. Principle contractor Kier were happy with the work as it was carried out safely and professionally as always.

Boiler Removal - Asbestos Removal

Charles F Stead

Another safe dismantling job undertaken by Metals and Plant Ltd. This redundant coal silo was removed from the live site during normal working hours at C.F.Stead Ltd, Leeds.

Tank Removal - Contract Lift

Peglers Yorkshire

Dismantling and removal of redundant machinery from Peglers Yorkshire, Doncaster. The work was carried out at peak times on the live site without affecting production as requested.

Machine Removal - Mechanical Strip Out - Contract Lift

Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Today's removal of various processed machinery from the roof of Doncaster Royal Infirmary, which was completed under strict contract lift conditions . This also involved the partial closure of the main car park at entrance 1A...

Contract Lift - Mechanical Strip Out

Forgemasters Bridge

Last nights road closure, traffic managment and removal of redundant pipe bridge from over Brightside lane at Sheffield Forgemasters. Finished ahead of schedule and most of all safely.

Dismantling - Contract Lift

River Rother Stone Bridges

Metals and Plant was contracted to remove two 100 year old stone constructed bridges that spanned the live railway line and the River Rother at Beighton, Sheffield. This included painting and prepping the underside of the bridges to allow them to receive a stress test by the client and see what maximum load they could ultimately take before being demolished...

Demolition - Dismantling

Residential Asbestos Garage

The safe and legal dismantling, removal and disposal of asbestos clad garage from a residential property in Sheffield.

Asbestos Removal


Metals and Plant Ltd have recently undertaken a demolition scheme for PTL, this was the first time PTL had worked with Metals and Plant, I would certainly recommend them for any future work, as they pulled out all the stops to complete the work in a set tight timescale and carried out their work in a professional manner.

During my employment at Pegler Yorkshire Group Ltd (Doncaster Site) between 2009 & 2015 I used Metals & Plant Ltd for all my major demolition & removal projects. Danny Macpherson (Managing Director) was always very professional and practical at looking at challenging projects we worked together on...

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